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#1: Empathy, Equity, & Evolution

6/12/2021 - Chicago, IL

Thank you for being here!


The EXPO Schedule​

  1. Welcome - Rashad

  2. Dismantle The Imposter - Rashad

  3. Loud Whispers Of A Model - Mabel

  4. Standing In Your Purpose - Mario

  5. Meet the Moment - Kal

  6. Building & Sustaining Wealth - Anthony

  7. We Have To Love We [...] - Teala

  8. Compassion: A Guide To Home - Lawrence

  9. No Mud, No Lotus - Brandon

  10. What I+P You Take As the World Reopens? - Rashad

  11. Closing - Until Next Time -  Rashad



Mabel Terry
Model & Actress
Loud Whispers of A Model


Mario Harper
Healthcare Advocate
Standing In Your Purpose


Kal Marshell
Singer, Songwriter, Producer
Use Your Gift To Meet The Moment


Teala Stampley
Co-Founder - Creative Minds LIF
We Have To Love We, So We Can Be Free

Anthony Galloway.jpg

Anthony Galloway
Managing Director - Lorde, Rustin, & Bates
Building and Sustaining Black Wealth: One COOP at a Time


Brandon Buchanan
Healthcare Equity Leader
No Mud, No Lotus: Transforming Through Adversity


Rashad Robison
Founder - IP Expo, Tech Professional
Career: Dismantle the Imposter


Lawrence-Michael Gransberry
Real Estate & Advocacy
Compassion: A Guide to Home

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